Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

for higher rankings & more traffic

SEO is the operation of enhancing the website content as well as preparing it to engage more visitors whom are referred by Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo… etc. This process increases the visits (Traffic), which, eventually, increases the visits of the website services and/or products to maximize the sales.

Nearly 80% of Internet users are being referred to websites via Search Engines. Therefore, it’s vital to have a higher rank on Google & other Search Engines. For more visitors only click on the first search page results.

SEEMA provides its clients with various categories of SEO solutions, including:

  • Website Analysis & SEO gap analysis.
  • Competitors Analysis & premium solutions to enhance the big rank.
  • Developing and reviewing the website content to improve its rank using a well-studied archiving methods.
  • Accelerating the process of content-archiving.