Content Management

  1. Social Media Management

At SEEMA, we manage your social pages effectively and efficiently.

We aim to strengthen your presence on the social networks enabling to market your products/services.

To achieve that purpose, we offer premium social media management services while taking into consideration search engines protocols, taking care of posting daily posts/tweets and responding to visitors’ inquiries and comments.

Social media management services that SEEMA provides:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Daily Management & Posts
  • Custom Content Creation for social media accounts & website
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Creative Design
  • Analysis and reporting


  1. Content Writing

Content is The King!

A corporation might not have a team who has enough experience to create and manage their website content and social pages which needs to be updated continuously.

We, at SEEMA, bridge that gap by providing Content Writing & Content Management services and do related-tasks via our specialized team.

Did you know that?

  • Content Marketing is the No.1 method used in Digital Marketing?
  • 90% of Internet users are attracted to the well-written content?
  • Having a blog for your website would increase the visitors traffic by 67%?
  • Does good content save 62% of marketing costs spent when using traditional marketing methods?

 Content Writing & Management services that SEEMA provides:

  • Copywriting blogs and customized scientific/marketing articles professionally and using Search Engines techniques to enhance the traffic.
  • Reviewing and responding to visitors posts on the website and the social pages.
  • Managing, reviewing, and editing the blogs & forums as well as interacting with followers.
  • Designing and handling ads and banners (Images/Videos/GIFs).


  1. Digital Marketing

We assist our clients to find their customers’ preferences and work with them to develop many services that satisfy market demands, and guarantee reaching customers in little time, using a package of E-Marketing successful solutions

Content is The King!

  • Marketing via Content

This is considered as the number one method of marketing worldwide. When the available content is perfect, the success of E-Marketing is there! The content is called ‘The King’ due to its important role of attracting customers and visitors.

  • Social Networks we operate on:

Facebook – Twitter, LinkedIn – Google Ads – YouTube – Instagram

E-Marketing Services that SEEMA provides:

  • Online Brand Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Influences Marketing